Not My Day

Today, imagine if you will, that I took superb photos of Taktur loose lungeing with Storm around the school (oooh).

Then, onto Sandness to watch some stunning black Shetland mares in a very impressive Shetland landscape meet up with another mare.  They ran majestically together across the horizon, stood and faced us with their manes blowing beautifully in the wind (aaah).

Afterwards we went to see Hetja and Hjalti.  He was asleep and Hetja allowed me to approach him. This was the closest I have ever been to him.  Hjalti then got up trotted, tölted lightly, legs high and dance daround us like Nureyev.  I snapped away happily (cor).

And I think it was at this stage that I noticed I had no memory card in my camera…….

(I may have said a rude word or even two or three).

So imagine, if you will, because you aren’t going to ever see the ruddy photos.

To make up for this terrible situation (which will never happen again as I put a memory card in every car glove compartment just in case), here are some pathetic photos of the Northern Lights that I took a few nights back.  I would like you to know that I suffered for these photos.  The midges were out in force. I had also drunk copious amounts of Maotai that rendered me utterly useless – even with a memory card in this time, it was no use as I had forgotten how the ruddy camera worked.

BN2A1384 BN2A1385 BN2A1387 BN2A1388 BN2A1392 BN2A1393 BN2A1395

Is that Mars in the sky (or is Venus)?


And the Plough (I always like to find it as it is the only star constellation I know!)


And so to bed as the Aurora vanished, the effects of the Maotai wore off and suddenly I remembered how to focus and set my camera.




6 thoughts on “Not My Day

  1. Sandra

    First I wish to say that this blog is one of my favorite.
    I have also forget the memory card, plus forget to check the battery. Now I carry a extra of both in my fanny pack

  2. Susan

    I have been following your blog for a while but try as I may I haven’t been able to find how and when you acquired the bebbes, I know they were in very poor health but if you don’t mind would you please do a blog on how you found them and the story to date, thank you from Launching Place, Australia

  3. Sam

    As someone who has never seen the Northern Lights – I thank you for these pictures.
    Everyone has days that go badly but at least you got to see Hjalti up close!

  4. Terri

    Sorry to hear about your bad day, but it wasn’t really a bad day, you just didn’t get to document it (photographically) in your usual way.
    Since you re-posted it, I went back and re-read Day 1 of the Bebbies’/Minions’ rescue. To see them now, so darling and healthy, must certainly make up for any bad day, especially knowing the role you played in their recovery.
    Those Northern Lights are really something, thanks!


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