Not my best work

I am not sure what I think of this fillum.

I made it this afternoon and was interrupted by the sound of a chicken squawking, plus ever-changing light and a sudden inability to focus the camera.

Things I learned today:

  1. Sticky dots are henceforth known as “bloody sticky dots”.
  2. Bad lighting means bad focussing because there is not enough light.
  3. Chickens, who are outside and making sounds like they are being murdered, are very distracting.  They weren’t being murdered – just shouting.
  4. Radio 3 is boring as hell on a Sunday.
  5. My crows are very unhelpful. If they fell off the fence once, they fell off it a hundred times.  Bah!
  6. I need more characters and less plot
  7. I need more space and better lights
  8. I am just going round and round here until I get my studio space (please, hopefully, Christmas)

But my fillum is slightly longer. So huzzah to that!

This is not my best work.  I need help in this and I don’t know who to ask or who would help me.  I guess I will just keep going as best I can.  I enjoy my Sunday afternoon film-making but, in the same breath, I realise I need guidance.


16 thoughts on “Not my best work

  1. Jan Stewart

    I thought that today’s efforts were particularly good. More characters and more moving around. The crow on the right looks slightly demented – perhaps something to do with lacking balance!!

    Once you have your own “facilities” – and can leave things there all the time I’m sure it will be easier for you.

  2. janet ainsworth

    you’re on a learning curve that’s for sure..these fillums just keep getting betterrer and bettererere …getting to love each little character! Looking forward to your next thrilling instalment…you should maybe mention that no animals were hurt in the making of these fillums …not even the crows

  3. Sue S.

    I liked this film! The animals you and your Mom created are beautiful, especially Beanne. The crow falling off the fence was funny; should be a running gag.

  4. diane in northern wis

    I loved it Frances! Good job. So much going on and so many cute characters! I love them all, especially Miss BeAnne and the sheeples! Every time gets better and better! Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the process of learning and growing!!!

  5. Kate Woolley

    I love it. It’s so happy and it makes me laugh. Keep up the good work ! I just
    Love the cheeky lamb and those wonderful crows…..

  6. Linda Loba

    This was great, Frances! So many characters, so much action, and my ever-growing appreciation for how much work you put into this! ( P.S. I love the crows…)
    I agree w/Diane – cut yourself some slack!!

  7. Cathy

    I think it’s a great film, full of action, and little cameos for all the animals. Aardman Animations eat your heart out!


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