New Neighbours

Three new standard Shetland pony fillies have moved next door to the Minions.

They are very pretty ladies and belong to Bergli Stud.

It made sense for them to move quickly as their original field is next door to a huge bonfire.  I offered them temporary shelter from the terrors of Firework Night.

My lot are quite pleased to have new neighbours and spend some of their day loitering near the fences trying to chat.

As if the beautiful tall ladies are going to be enamoured with short fat rather surprised-looking portly little chaps!

At the moment it is Storm, Silver and Tiddles who are hanging around hopefully.

Vitamin was nearby, keeping a matronly eye on the youngsters.  Ever the chaperone.

I am not a fan of Fireworks night so I was happy to offer these ponies a safe place to stay.

To date, I think it has been postponed as the rain has not stopped since last week.

Also, last call for the Advent Calendar.  If you are interested in ordering one, please email me at and I will order one on your behalf and, once arrived here, send it out to you.

It should work out at £16 plus postage to wherever you live.

2 thoughts on “New Neighbours

  1. S

    Nice to see some new, if temporary, neighbors.
    So if I wanted a calender for USA, how would I go about ordering and getting it shipped?


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