No Middle Ground

My days are spent wondering if my horses and ponies (and possibly sheep) are too fat or too thin and then worrying accordingly.

At the moment Hetja is constantly in my thoughts.

She is still feeding Sóley-the-Foalie, which is fine and what we wanted, but she has started to lose weight and I can feel a rib if I press her sides.  Brá did this when she was nursing Dreki – suddenly dropped all her weight and was skin and bone.

So, rather than concentrating on her usual maintenance ration of hard feed, we have upped her feed adding more calories.  I have also opened up a small hay-park that I was keeping for just this purpose.

My thoughts being that if we can limp along, keeping Hetja’s weight from dropping while she is feeding Sóley, then we can wean her daughter in March. Well, that’s the plan.

Sóley is a big lass now and she has her big sister to watch out for her.

Lilja is good with her little sister and, despite the bickering, they are actually very close.

And we will also open the gate, when we remove Hetja, and let the Minions work their magic on Sóley so that she forgets to miss her Mum, and concentrates on being distracted and weaned instead.

I will be glad when Spring finally makes an appearance. I think we all will be.

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