Hello Mr Headcollar!

A certain little Miss Fluffball (FB) has gone feral!

Who me?

So Floss and I have been working (weather permtting – and I say that because there is absolutely no point in trying to talk to Little Miss FB when there is a Force 10 blowing plus horizontal rain – she goes all suspicious and silly).

Today was lovely and calm so I brought Mr Headcollar out to play.

And I quickly gave Floss that particular short straw!

While I kept Lilja entertained, Floss worked her charms.

She is good.

I was very impressed.

They obviously have a rapport.

And Flossie obviously has a pocketful of carrots.

So that was a huge success.

Good things come to good little fluffballs.

I am quietly hoping we have overcome the headcollar hurdle….. again.

And we will repeat this process for the rest of her life now.

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