No Hay! Sorry

Today, when we woke up, it looked like Narnia outside – surprisingly deep snow everywhere.  So we fed everyone at home, had breakfast, chopped carrots, filled haynets and buckets and drove over to Leradale.

And the snow had all gone.

The buckets were distributed. I was on Lilja and Sóley duty.

Floss was with Vitamin and Fivla.  Minions lurked hopefully.

And the field looked like this.

So we shared out the carrots (only fair) and took the hay home again (very unfair but no one actually needs it and at nearly £7 a bale, I am not wasting it – this is gold-dust hay complete with encrusted diamonds).

Meanwhile, back at home, Maggie has been getting to know the rest of the family.  She feels threatened by BeAnne (seriously?), so we have to be very careful with her.  They are supervised and today Maggie was told which side her bread was buttered.

She adores Taktur – what’s not to love?

And then she met Monster – I had resurrected my ancient, but beloved, little camera to see if it had benefited from its holiday and decided to work again.

Monster took to his bed in disgust.

So lots of snow, and then no snow.  I was going to take photos of the snow, but it had gone by the time I was ready to take pics!





3 thoughts on “No Hay! Sorry

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I hope that’s the end of the horrible weather you’ve been having. The snow might look pretty but it makes hard work of everything. Pleased to read that Maggie is making friends, even if it’s a bit selectively at present!

  2. diane in northern wis

    How strange…. snow and then no snow. Well… snow is best… I’m glad it’s gone! It looks like Monster hasn’t taken a liking to Maggie. And Maggie hasn’t taken a liking to BeAnne. ….But you didn’t have to give out your mucho expensive hay, at least not yet….and everybody got fed and all the carrots got eaten.
    Thanks for the pics….so well done, as always…and the commentary….so interesting, as always. Great Blog.


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