It is Official

Well, little Maggie is slowly (and I mean slowly) getting used to the others.  We are in for the long haul.

I would be lying if I said she was the brightest star in our firmament but if we chip, chip away I think we will win.  Madge and Edna have given up chasing her away (like far too much effort).

Maggie also loves food and sees it as her God given right to be fed at least six times a day.  I may have Mug written somewhere about my person that I can’t actually see!

As the snow comes and goes, Maggie is beginning to relax and be “one of us, one of us”.

She is also meeting the rest of the family.

Meanwhile, in other news, Lambie is a Weirdo!

As is Monster.

And ‘Ster.

Dreki found that feet are really, really strange and appear out of nowhere – who knew?!

And this is My World. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “It is Official

  1. annie vanderven

    You are not a mugg you have a kind heart and a good sense of humor very needed with your animals !!!

  2. Linda

    And a wonderful world it i!
    Maybe Maggie is acting “different” and hungry because of her pregnancy?
    I love ‘Ster’s corkscrew curls
    Monster just needs a bit of male companionship now and then, right? (Our female dog, drops everything she’s doing when my husband comes into the room.)


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