Nice Peaceful Ride

I try to keep my life as unexciting as possible.  I like it that way.   Nice and simple.

And when I feel up for it, I go for a ride.

While Flossie is away at University, I have handed over Klængur’s reins to Daisy.  She is responsible for him at the moment.  What with this cold that is lingering for the duration, I just don’t have the strength.

It is enough that I can tack up and ride Haakon.

Anywho, at the start of the ride we have long reins for stretching out.

And then off we go.  Daisy and Klængur are much faster, and younger, than Haakon and me.

Gone are the days when Haakon had to be in the front.  He is almost content to be second, though he does sometimes speed up.  Old age is horrid for someone like Haakon.  He has always led the ride and he minds very much that he can’t.

We let the youngsters canter up the track first.

Stop and look at the nice view – a Thordale riding tradition.

And then onwards.

Haakon gave up trying to keep up. These days it is just him and me at the back together.  We chat.

Daisy kindly waited for us and then the proper training bit started. We have learned that Klængur takes a while to warm up but once he is relaxed, he is very happy to work very nicely.  However, if you ask too early, it all turns into a horrid argument.

After work, long reins at buckle end home.

It was a good ride.  Just right for me and the old man.

2 thoughts on “Nice Peaceful Ride

  1. Linda

    “I try to keep my life as unexciting as possible. I like it that way. Nice and simple.”
    AMEN to that!

    P.S. You and Hakkon reminded me of me and Junie (our 13-year-old dog, now up in Dog Heaven) taking our walks later in her life. It was just meandering around, smelling the flowers…


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