New Skills

I said I would do it so I did.

Today, Flossie and I turned this……

(an old Stokke kneeling chair that has sat unloved in a shed for a few years)

Into this!

Ok, our upholstery is not brilliant but we got better at it as we went on.  The last kneeling pad of course is perfect and I realise that the rest has room for improvement but who sees the underneath, anyway.  Floss and I first watched a video about how to do the corners but we didn’t really understand it so we folded them like envelopes instead.

A job well done and it is an improvement, if only slightly.  At least you can’t see the mouse nibbles.

I shall enjoy my kneeling chair.  It is good for back pain because it evenly distributes the body’s weight between the spine, thighs and shins.  Anywho, it is nice to get the chair back into circulation rather than seeing it sat in the shed gathering dust.

Meanwhile, in the indoor school, Daisy was working hard teaching Hjalti his transitions on a lunge from walk to trot and back again without slamming on the brakes everytime someone said “good boy”.  Taktur, his dad, was exactly the same.  It must be a family thing.

(scuse the trailing lunge – I did tell her, but she was in the zone)

Hjalti has a lovely even trot. He holds himself nicely and every day of training we see a change in him.  He is very clever too and picks up everything very quickly.  A nice boy, so far, to train.  Very uncomplicated and he loves praise.  I am sure, however, there will be blips. There always are.

7 thoughts on “New Skills

  1. Sam

    Well done on the upholstery. Next time, staple the fabric up to the corner, then tug the center of the corner to match the sides. The pleats you need will self form – just staple them down.

  2. Michelle

    I remember those kneeling chairs! My husband actually MADE me one (back when we were poor and young and couldn’t afford a ‘real’ one) – but it broke eventually and is long gone. Isn’t the internet wonderful for teaching us how to do new things???

  3. Lisa

    My horses also think the “good horse” phrase really means- “oh well done…we are finished now” so I have started saying “nice” instead. If asked to trot, for example, I’ll say “NICE trot” instead of “good boy”. Seems to work….for the moment at least!! : )


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