All Minions Brushed

Well that’s all the Minions brushed and looking beautiful ready for their winter coats to fall out.

Surprisingly, everyone behaved very well.  They can have their moments.

This time I took a headcollar that only really fitted Vitamin because some can be tricky.

Storm managed to escape the headcollar but didn’t go anywhere.  He just wanted me to know he could if he wanted to.  Albie was happy hanging onto the rope, helping.

Silver was a bit silly but once he realised I was not giving up and his forelock would be brushed no matter what, he gave in gracefully.

And then we looked at the ones I had prettified a few days ago.  They were revolting.  So we brushed them all over again.

Having groomed eight little grubby ponies, Flossie and I rewarded ourselves with a little sit down.

We were “attacked” from all sides, which made us laugh.

Back home, after discussing Haakon’s continuing progress with the vet, we let him go into the bigger stable for a few hours to see Iacs, who is missing him hugely in the herd.  Haakon enjoyed seeing his friend and I hope they groomed each other and had a good chat.

Once we have established that a harder surface won’t hurt Haakon’s feet, then he can go outside for a few hours.  But it cannot be when it is raining as he will melt.

3 thoughts on “All Minions Brushed

  1. Cathy

    They look stunning. Tell them not to rush into losing winter coats, the weather forecast is awful . Stay safe tonight, it’s going to be rough. xx

  2. Linda Loba

    Everyone looks beautiful! (And we had to get our dog a harness because of slipping her collar – same as Storm, slipped it but didn’t go anywhere)


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