New Pond

We have a new pond!  The ducks are not very sure as they have always been very keen on sitting in the purple bucket when it is full of water but I am determined they will love this new-to-us pond.

So I upturned the purple bucket so they could use it as a step.

It took a while for the ducks to take an interest.  We moved the pond (luckily very portable when empty) nearer to their feeding area so they couldn’t possibly miss it. Silly ducky-wuckies – they are always very suspicious of anything new.

They started by drinking out of it.  Ducks drink like they are tasting a fine wine.

So if one has a go, the others follow along.

But they weren’t swimming, just drinking and I wondered if the height of the sides might be a problem.  I rummaged through our wood pile and found some old fence “stabs” and made a neat little runway/step up to the pond edge.

And that worked a treat.  They are taking it in turns to have a good swim, diving and cleaning themselves up.  I know this because a) I have seen one swimming and b) the water is filthy now.

A huge thank you to the person who gave us the pond.  You know who you are and we are very grateful.  We have very happy ducky-wuckies.

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