Minion Friends


The original Minions were three Shetland ponies who were rescued in January 2014.  Since then, two more have needed my help.

The original three were:






L1070009 L1060555Ok

Just under a year later, I was asked to give Tiddles a home. He had a blue eye and was a colt.  Allegedly, a heinous crime.  He was also a very depressed yearling colt.


All these ponies were gelded and now live together in a happy little group called The Minions. They are all very special, much loved and a joy to be with.


Recently this spring, I was asked to care for Brisk (now called Albie), whose mother died of a fractured pelvis. He was 8 weeks old when he came to us and very distressed.


So, here is the Paypal account that has been set up specifically for The Minions (all five of them – Waffle, Silver, Storm, Tiddles and now Albie).

BN2A5922IMG_1939BN2A5968 = the Paypal account.  Daisy, my eldest daughter, who I trust more than anyone, is running it.

I want everything to be totally transparent, ie what comes in pays for what goes out. Otherwise some folk will have their doubts, stick their knives in and spread negativity. I would hate that.

I think the best way is for me to buy all the things Brisk needs and then update this page as and when.  If you want to donate, then that would be wonderful.  This is not compulsory in any way and I expect nothing.  I took on all my Minions and I will always take full responsibility for them.  This Blog will continue as normal and it is not about paying to see updates.

Things I need to save up for:

Brisk’s gelding operation – about £150
Foal Milk – about £24 a bag
Foal Creep (the follow-on weaning hard feed) – about £15 a 20kg bag.
Rugs – approximately £30 – £70 – Brisk doesn’t have a proper waterproof foal coat like everyone else.  I have no idea why but he seems to be made of inferior fur.
Storm will need a new rug this year.  He has outgrown his.  The others should be ok.  We will see.
Everything is work-in-progress as we try to meet each need as it appears.

And that is just the beginning.  Foals like Brisk, who do not have the best start in life when it matters most, need as much help as possible.  The original Minions were in a very poor state when they arrived (Condition Score: 0) and who knows what damage has been done when they were supposed to be developing and growing.  Storm, in particular, finds winter very difficult.

Any questions, please ask me.  I am always happy to answer anything about The Minions.  Our aim is to be as totally honest as possible.

Bought, to date, this summer
(17 Aug 2016)
Mare and Youngstock – £14.57
Foal Creep £14.42
Foal Creep plus courier (at the beginning) – £59.50
Rug – £29.99
Multimilk 2 bags – £48.00

Autumn’s shopping trip

Copper/Salt lick – £6.70
Alfafa blocks – £4.99
Foal Creep – £14.42
Feed Skip – £8.29 + VAT
Shavings Fork – £10.83 + VAT
Mare and Youngstock – £14.57
Wormer – £33.00
Fencing – they go under – £100.00
Multimilk x 4 bags – £54.66 + £19.07 (price went up!)
Antibiotics for “the Cough” – £15.31 (Strep&Pen) + £19.07 (Norodyne) + dispensing fee £5.38 (huh?)
Examine pony for “the Cough” – £33.00 + £24.00 (Visit) + Norodyne – £9.84
Part of Silage cutting/baling bill – £86.00

To come – rugs for Waffle and Silver (grown out of old ones) and a thermotex rug for shivering