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I am selling sheep fleece via MyShetland Blog to raise money for little Brisk and, if any spare, the Minions.  I will also add any Shetland foal fur too, just probably later.


Keeping ponies is, at the best of times, an expensive hobby.


Rescuing ponies with special needs, such as being starved during a crucial time of their development or losing a mother far too early, means that there are always bills.  More bills than usual.  I do not have charitable status and the official paperwork makes me feel sick – like a bad maths exam.


We do our best – my whole family.  I would never say no to anything The Minions actually need for their health. I don’t pretend to be a vet and there is no question of scrimping on their care.

So, here we are – a new part of my blog dedicated to raising money for the ever expanding Minions (not expanding in their waistlines, more expanding in quantity).  I am not begging and I am not asking.  I am just telling you what any sale/donation for a pure Shetland sheep fleece will be used for.


You decide if you think it is worth it.


We do.





5 thoughts on “A New Title

  1. Yvonne

    Oops sorry, I posted this to your store email by mistake…
    Hello Francis,
    Enjoy following your blog very much. I love to knit, I collect yarn, Shetland being one of them. I have resisted the notion of spinning my own yarn, too many hobbies already. That being said I would be delighted to make a donation to the upkeep of your growing list of dependents /companions. It’s not obvious on the blog or store how this might happen. Please advise…

  2. Duncan

    Hey Francis,
    Don’t know what I would do with a fleece! However, I’ll gladly make a donation and you can consider it payment for the lovely Shetland flag you sent me. Just tell me how.

    I’m sure I told you, but I had to let my wee Ebony go. She went to a good home as her owner is a young vet and her Mom and Dad simply adore Ebony.

    Cheerio DaNo (or something like that)

  3. Sam

    Frances, I would love some wool or foal fur. Please advise on how someone in USA can donate to the minion fund

  4. Frances Post author

    Leave it with me. Just sorting out a Minion Paypal account. I want everything totally transparent, ie what comes in pays for what goes out. Otherwise some folk will have their doubts, stick their knives in and spread negativity. I would hate that.

    Yes, The Minions cost money. I have never pretended otherwise. Of course, as I took them on as my responsibility, I will always take care of them. No matter what the financial obstacle.

    (There is always a daughter I can sell into white slavery!)


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