New boys

We have two more Icelandic horses here at Thordale Stud.  The first is Cristal (?sp) a chestnut gelding, who is in training with Bjørn for a few months in Shetland.


We put him in with Iacs and Klængur in the Fat-Fighters-Field as he can be confrontational so perhaps not good with Taktur.


Now Taktur is back in training, he needs calories so he and Kappi, Bjørn’s Icelandic horse, have gone into a separate very grassy field to keep them happy.


Taktur immediately liked Kappi so all is good there.


I could hear gelding bellowing that is typical, I think, to Icelandics when they first meet.  Cristal was shouting hello at Iacs and then that was it.  All talk and no trousers.   Nothing more.  They appear to be friends.


This morning, I looked out on my travels on my scooter to see everyone was very settled.

L1030440 L1030447

So that was good and we will keep them like this for a while.  Haakon will be coming home soon too and will probably go into the Fat-Fighters-Field as he was rather rotund when I last saw him. I hope he gets on with Cristal.  They will sort it out between themselves.  They usually do unless it gets nasty and then we wade in.


This is the set-up.



I like having new horses here.  New subjects to photograph.  Kappi came over for a quick chat while Taktur got on with the job in question, eating as much grass as possible.

L1030482 L1030487

For the Shetland pony enthusiasts amongst you, I saw some in the distance who were lovely, if along way away.  They live next door but next door in Shetland means about 1/4 mile as the crow flies (yes, it is a very good lens and yes, I did have to balance it on my scooter handlebars to keep it steady).

L1030466 L1030460 L1030457

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