Nearly Finished

My shed so far…… ta da, it is almost finished!

It has a great view, though I need to clean the windows.

And the wallpaper is up and fabulous.

My Admiralty charts are perfect. It is just how I imagined it would be, if not better.  And look at all the plugs.  You can’t have too many.

I have old and new charts.  Some with land and some without.

Although they are predominantly of Shetland and the surrounding waters, I have a chart of Reykjavik (which seems apt) and one of part of north-east Europe.  I shall enjoy exploring.

Where I live is an “Area to be Avoided” which made us all snigger when we saw it.

The neighbours are nice.

Though I am slightly worried they will see me move in and be round for “a cup of sugar” at every opportunity.

Or the biscuit tin.  For their Winning Smiles, I will part with many.

Next we need to get some flooring and then I can move my stuff in.  I am very excited.

15 thoughts on “Nearly Finished

  1. Kerry

    Oh Frances – it is just perfect. Agree about both plugs (one can never have too many) and admiralty charts.
    And the neighbours! Delightful – clear they will ignore the area to be avoided warning. Have lots of fun. Maybe I will bring my Julip model horses along to play

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    What a wonderful project to have almost finished Frances. 8 hope you will spend many happy (and warm) hours in your office/studio/den and am sure you will not lack visitors!!

  3. Celeste Nossiter

    Maps, what a great idea! It looks wonderful, very bright and cheery. I’m so happy for you! You’ve created “a room of one’s own.” May it inspire your creativity to reach new heights or just lots of play.

  4. Wendy from NY

    Oh, I was hoping for an update on your she-shed soon! It is way nicer than I imagined it would be! You are pretty serious about making this a place to hang out. Can’t wait to see it done, and what wonderful creations come out of it!

  5. Linda Loba

    a HUGE congratulations on your studio!! I know several people who would dearly love to have something like this.
    Here’s to all the creative projects to come!!

  6. Margaret Robinson

    This is way more than I thought it would be; simply beautiful and so you. Can’t wait to see it all done and you moved it.

  7. Linds K

    I love your wallpaper – how clever, and your driftwood looks very smart. Never mind round for sugar, I think those three will be moving in. That last picture is a treat, although ‘Ster looks slightly cross, or just impatient!

  8. Terri

    The wallpaper and the reclaimed-fence chair rail are perfect. A room of one’s own, with a view, and nice neighbors. Wonderful!

  9. diane in northern wis

    Wow…you have really made good progress on your place. I can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished since last I saw it. It looks so neat inside. Can’t wait for you to move in and start the creative process which you’re so good at. You’ll undoubtedly have at least 3, but probably 5 or more buddies hanging close by that cool shed. Looking great Frances!

  10. Janet ainsworth

    What a brilliant project!!!! Much much more than a shed…not confined to a box..the world is your oyster…happy days are coming your way!


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