The Old Man

Haakon is 25 now.  I can see him ageing as I watch.  He is my friend and The One – my horse for lifetime.  We understand each other.

I try to ride Haakon at least once every other day to keep everything active.  He stiffens up if I don’t.

He also has a daily feed with old-age turmeric-based mineral additives for senior horses in his diet, plus a rug if it is raining and cold.   I am doing all I can to keep him going along.  Riding is also good for me too.

Haakon enjoys going out.  Some days are more active than others but exercise is important for his mental health, just as much as his physical health.

Mostly Daisy comes along too and, if she goes fast, vanishing over the horizon, then I pop some music on from my iphone and we listen as we plod home.  Haakon likes Al Stewart, whcih is lucky as I do too!

Meanwhile, back in the world of Monster.  I found these photos on my phone.

I think that sums him up really.

And so, life goes on.

7 thoughts on “The Old Man

  1. Sam

    Having an old, dear and trusted friend in one’s life is a necessity , be they human or not.
    Love the grumpy “empty bowl, here” face. Know it well.

  2. Terri

    Haakon couldn’t possibly have a better friend than you. Here’s to many more years together!
    Monster never fails to elicit a smile! We can set our clocks by one of our cats, who “rings the dinner bell” at 4pm each day with his caterwauling (although feeding time is 4:30pm). He wants to make sure we don’t forget. But life without a cat is inconceivable to me.

  3. Louise Stopford

    He may now, as you refer to him, be an old man but he is a very handsome old man and is obviously beautiful inside and out. What a special horse he is to you and I am sure with your love and care you will have many more years together. You have some beautiful photo’s of Monster – he too is such a handsome chap. I agree with Terri above – life without a cat is also inconceivable to me (we have three all with very different personalities). Have a lovely weekend over there in Shetland.

  4. Linda Loba

    It’s nice to have old friends, isn’t it? They know you, you know them. It can be so relaxing hanging out with them. Haakon is in his best friend’s hands, and is all the better for it…

    P.S. Spot-on photo of Monster!


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