Nature’s Garden

I am exhausted. I rode two horses today – Klængur and Iacs.  My back aches. I am cooking a Sunday supper (roast lamb, say nothing) while I type this.

This time of year, the sun shines all day only to vanish briefly in the night.  This was taken at 22:30. Still daylight. You could easily read a book, drive a car or go for a ride!

So here are some photos from today of around and about my croft in a hope that the beauty of Shetland’s wild flowers will somewhat make up for my lack of enthusiasm and writing. The wild flowers are just beginning to appear everywhere now in their full glory.

It is a stunning time of year in Shetland especially when the sun shines.  That blue sky is perfect.


(A wild patch in our garden – the colours are wonderful)

So that’s me and I am sorry for not writing much but horses came first today and they were the kind of rides that I couldn’t get my camera out as I was either busy staying onboard an enthusiastic tölt or trying to accompany while keeping the situation calm.  Both important jobs.

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Garden

  1. Kerry

    No need to apologise! The photos are stunning and, as ever, your blog is both entertaining and informative. I am amazed at how mich you blog given all that is going on in your life
    So thanks for the beautiful pictures – they made me smile

  2. Margaret Robinson

    What? – Not a horse in site! These are gorgeous photos.Brightened my day as it’s overcast here (our typical summer weather). Enjoy these gorgeous, lovely days! MMR

  3. Frøya

    Stunning place! It looks really windy and cold there, compared to where I live here in Norway (roughly the same latitude as you guys). The plant geek in me is intrigued by the vegetation, it looks like a typical highland/mountainous area, even though you’re almost at sea level! I guess that’s because of all the harsh winds coming in from the sea.. How’s the climate there for gardening, can you grow tomatoes and squishy things like that?

  4. Louise Stopford

    What fabulous photo’s Frances. Shetland in the sunshine looks amazing. Can’t believe it is still light at 11:30pm. Hope you enjoyed your rides and your Sunday dinner.


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