Naming Moonpie

Well, all seems peaceful on the mare/foal front.  Hetja has resumed her reign with little Moonpie at her side.

We are feeding Hetja antibiotics in a handful of food twice a day.

So that Hetja can eat peacefully, I look after Lilja who would love the attention, the food and anything else on offer.

Moonpie is divine.  She comes up to chat and is made up of silky fur, nuzzly muzzle and total love.  We all adore her and are completely smitten.

She has not been allowed to talk to anyone but us hoomans so we feel very lucky.

Brá is coping and that’s about it.  I can see she minds hugely but there is little she can do apart from be a good aunt and babysitter if Hetja allows.  We talk, I can see the hurt in her eyes and I feel utterly useless to her.  I also know she is going on the mother of all diets come winter time.  I can’t split her from Hetja at the moment. I think she would lose her mind.

Anywho, the naming of Moonpie.  We translated her nickname into Icelandic only to get “Tungl Baka” which is not very catchy or pretty.  We cannot register Moonpie with the Icelandic Horse official stud-book (WorldFengur) as her name must be permitted by their naming committee (interesting Horse & Hound article about Icelandic horse names).  Foreign names or poor grammar are a no-no so, we need to think of a suitable name for our new little one.

Something along the lines of midnight sun, chestnut girl with a stripe, sweet chestnut, little chestnut, Shetland girl – but all in Icelandic, of course.  All ideas will be considered.  Moonpie will be registered (Icelandic name) from Thordale.

Over to you then.





19 thoughts on “Naming Moonpie

  1. Kerry

    I can’t seem to get Icellandic letters on my keyboard but Midnaetur Sol (with the crossed sword like d and o with a corcumflex over it) is apparently Icelandic for Midnight Sun and has a certain lilt to it…

    Glad all is well and hopefully Aunty will soon feel better too

  2. Jane R

    So beautiful, perfect wee girl. Was thinking Sumar would be a lovely name .
    Sumar Ljós – Summer Light
    or Sumar Sól – Summer Sun
    Enjoy her little self x

  3. Trish

    I love Kerry’s suggestion above … especially with her chestnut colouring I think Midnight Sun (Icelandic ) would be very apt. A coppery foil to a bright full moon.
    Ps. She’s gorgeous.

  4. Barbara M. In NH

    Soulja……the marsh marigold is the national flower of the Faroes. It’s a sort of buttercup….but the name would fit nicely with Lila, wouldn’t it?

  5. Lisa

    Golden Moon? Summer’s Midnight Moon? Chestnut Moon? Too bad “Moonpie” couldn’t be registered as that is a great name!

  6. Louise Stopford

    Oh Frances she is SO adorable, no wonder you are all smitten with her. Poor Bra I hope she will make a good auntie (I feel for her). Enjoy your time with your beautiful new family member.

  7. Simone

    If you are looking for moon names….Màni is”moon” – and there is a name Manadis (pronounced to rhyme with “wow”) meaning “Moon girl”, with the -dis part of the name always denoting girl as well as deity/goddess. “Manaskin” is “moonlight”. There is a word “kex” for biscuit, but Manakex doesn’t sound all that nice, either….

      1. Helga

        Mánadís is beautiful rendering of Moonpie, also Mánaglóð (moonglow) and Mánasigð (halfmoom). If you are not sick and tired of suggestions, for ‘sun’ names I’d suggest Sóley (buttercup), sóllilja (sun lilly, and name of one of Halldór Laxness’ beloved characters), and Silja. Happy to discuss if you have any questions about Icelandic, names or otherwise.

        1. Frances Post author

          Thank you! A huge thank you! At last someone who speaks Icelandic. What do you call Simmer Dim (Midnight Sun) – longest day – in Icelandic?

  8. Jo

    Poor poor Bra, feel so heartbroken for her. I know its too late now, but were there no foals on Shetland in need of a mummy for her to adopt? In foal season I often see calls for foster mares…

    1. Jo

      Moonpie is really gorgeous, I love the light eyelashes. No good at Icelandic… miðnætti is midnight and
      Ljós is light,
      Ljós a miðnætti is light at midnight, which she rather is….

    2. Frances Post author

      No, there are few foals here. Shetland pony foaling is over too. Moonpie was a late foal. I also don’t think Bra would tolerate/allow to nurse a Shetland pony foal (if it could reach). Hetja would hate it. She hates Shetland ponies. A total no win situation sadly.


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