Everyone Moves

Yesterday Daisy and I decided to move the boy-herd to Clothie – a 5 acre field over the scattald (common grazing) from Thordale.

It is not far but there is room for independent thought which is not encouraged as those with it can disappear into the hill, giggling.

Luckily today everyone was singing from the same hymn-sheet.

First we moved the three youngsters.

Then we went back for Taktur, Klaengur and Kappi with the intention that we would come back for the old men, Iacs and Haakon afterwards.

Iacs had different ideas and happily followed along leaving Haakon on his own.

Haakon was appalled at this idea so quickly caught up piggy-pacing across the hill into the new field to join the others.

So that was eight horses moved in two goes.

I love it when a plan comes together because so often it doesn’t and swiftly turns to manure.

But today the Gods looked on and blessed us.

It makes a change and I am not going to grumble.

Or look a gift horse in the mouth.

And so today we we are waiting for a viscious autumnal gale to arrive.  This afternoon was t”he calm before the storm”.

I made the most of the peace and yelled to the Boyzenberries “Does anyone want to come for a walk?”

They didn’t need asking twice.

Life is going to be very different south for a week.  If you want to follow the blog, please don’t rely on links and just come to this page.

6 thoughts on “Everyone Moves

  1. Judith Garbutt

    The boys looked happy in their new surroundings. I hope you have a smooth and straightforward journey south tomorrow.

  2. Sam

    How nice that the Larger Gents were so accommodating on the field move. Bet that never happens much. Had a good laugh at the flying Sheeple feet for the walk. Lambie looks hell bent to get to you FIRST!

  3. Terri

    “…there is room for independent thought which is not encouraged….” Mwahahahaha!
    I’m happy it was a smooth move, devoid of drama. I smiled to see Lambie running to follow his Muzzah — I remember when his tiny self could barely walk and had to be strongly encouraged by you and Daisy to go outside and try. TLC and sheer determination on your parts (and turmeric) have worked wonders. Lucky lad!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Loved your moving of the horses to the new field. What great cooperation!!! And do so love those boyzenberries trotting after you for a walk. Hope you have a good visit with your mom next week. Will miss you and hope you have some news here while you’re away, Frances.

  5. Carol Espinosa

    I love all your boys. Do you remember years ago I said that Lambie’s markings reminded me of a jockey’s racing silks? I guess I have to anend it to racing “wools” but look at him taking that corner! He doesn’t look like a boy who had to fight through joint ill (is that the thing?) when he was a wee little slipper Lambie.

    I hope there wasn’t a bad gale and your travels southward are smooth. If it’s too hot, put a towel in the freezer for a bit and enjoy a petite chill. Hugs!


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