Cooler Boyzenberries

It is that time of year again.  When the Boyzenberries are given their annual haircut.

First up was Lambie.  He had a huge fleece.

Underneath he has soft pink skin with black splodges.

Then it was ‘Ster’s turn.

His fleece was huge and very good quality – apparently Grade 1, according to Chris, the professional sheep shearer.

Last up, was ‘Bert.

Chris graded his fleece as a 2, so pretty good.

He also clipped ‘Ster’s horns as they were about to grew into his skull – what a terrible design but now all sorted.

Each sheeple had their feet, teeth and horns examined and sorted, where necessary, and everyone was given a clean bill of health, which is always a relief because who knows what is going on under all that wool.

The Boyzens were rather odd afterwards.  They had to get used to the sudden loss of their wool coats as well as seeing each other looking completely different.

BeAnne was on hand offering her support.

Afterwards, ‘Bert took himself off.  He was very upset.

Lambie wanted to be with me, eating biscuits and enjoying the freedom of no fleece.

‘Ster just wanted to scratch or be scratched.  Everyone was very itchy and I asked Chris whether I should use some Spot-On insecticide for sheep but he said their fleeces were clean and there was no evidence of ticks or lice.

‘Bert took to the muck heap for comfort and refused to talk much.

Lambie came and sat beside me.  He wanted lots of hugs and to know that we didn’t think he was ugly or that anything had changed.

‘Ster was very needy and just wanted to eat as many biscuits as he could but I notice that, of the the three, he is perhaps the fattest!

Shearing really changes everyone.

Lambie’ fleece score was 4.  Carpet quality. Nuff said!


13 thoughts on “Cooler Boyzenberries

  1. Sam

    WOW! Before and after – quite a difference. My best friend has Spanish Water Dogs who have very curly hair that kinks into cords. Most of the dogs who are corded go into a 2 day funk when the cords are cut off. Which would be right about now. They too need “medicinal” biscuits and cuddles.

  2. m in nc (USA)

    I was wondering when the ‘boys’ were going to get their summer haircuts. Did Lambie’s get a grade?

  3. Terri

    They look great, and must feel lighter than air! Poor ‘Bert is likely somewhat embarrassed by his nakedness. Hope he doesn’t run off again to be with the wild guys (can he get out?). More biscuits are called for!

  4. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Thanks for all the pics of your sweet sheep. It will be fun watching them grow new fleece this year. They’re all so darn cute. Summer must be here!!!

  5. Linda

    They look so “cool” (in every sense of the word) now that they’re sheared for Summer. Bert – the angry one – is the one who wandered off, if memory serves? maybe being a tiny bit feral, he resents the hair trim? He’ll be thanking you when the weather turns really warm…)

  6. Louise Stopford

    Very handsome boys indeed with their new haircuts. I think they look great and will feel much better (once they have got over the shock).


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