My Dream

I have a secret yearning for a little shed of my own.

Somewhere I can make my own workshop and not have to clear up after any project so that others can use it afterwards.  Space is a valuable commodity here.

One of the reasons my films are so short is because I only have at most a couple of hours to work in and have to clear up afterwards so that the area can be used for something else, like horses. I do find it very frustrating but am using the short time periods to learn the process of animation rather than launch into my epic film.

In the long getting-darker evenings, I peruse Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration on how my little studio would look inside and out.

My Dream Workshop Cabin Pinterest Board

I might even put in Loki’s old enormous comfy dog bed for a certain visitor to recline in if he felt like it.

I might also have to make a cover for the bed, though, as certain folk are not 100% continent!

(yes, you Lambie)

One day I will realise this dream.  It is at the imagining and planning stage at the moment.  It will be definitely insulated, with an electric supply and wifi.  Probably wooden.

I need a shed!

9 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Me thinks you need a slightly large house! However, a shed sounds more doable. Good luck – maybe an early Christmas present from family (hint, hint).

  2. Terri

    I think you may need more than a “little” shed! In any case, a box bed or cupboard bed would be lovely to incorporate. BeAnne would appreciate that too. (But keep “wee” Lambie off of it!) How about building it on your property with the romantic old stone croft? It could be a get-away place for you to create. Is there electricity and wifi there? Btw, your animated films are getting better and better!

  3. Sam

    Everyone needs a place to create in that is far from the maddening noise of daily life. Keep planning the shed and keep making your films.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh your little film is so adorable! I love it…the animal sounds…the music……all the animals…everything! Bravo Frances!


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