I was Passing

En route from seeing my pregnant Icelandic mares I noticed in the next door field that all the black standard Shetland pony mares were fast a-bye-byes.  These are the beautiful Bergli Stud girls belonging to our trainer, Bjørn.

So, of course, being me, I climbed over the fence with my camera to take some photos as I adore seeing sleeping ponies.

I was barely noticed.

Well, no one moved – they just looked drowsily at me.

Everyone appreciates the Shetland sunshine – probably because it is such a rare occurrence this time of year.

Lovely long bottom lips of total relaxation.

Barely open eyes.

They were all very relaxed.

Meanwhile, along the road, some of my lot were enjoying the break in the weather too.

Albie and Newt were happily sitting in piles of pooh.  I dispair, I really do.

And Tiddles was “en garde” for the sleepers.  Like he would deter anyone.

Everyone happily snoozing so that’s all that mattered.  I love sleepy ponies.

2 thoughts on “I was Passing

  1. Sam

    Lovely sight all those sleepy girls. Not so much the Boys in the Poop. I see Tiddles has gotten a job, even if he might be totally qualified for it.


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