Muzzle on, Muzzle off

It is becoming a regular occurrence now.  Every morning we are greeted by Brá not wearing her grazing muzzle.  Frustrated much.

To give her credit, though, she is much better about having it put on.  Probably because it is a daily, no my bad, a twice daily occupation.  I am beginning to think there is a second person involved in this.  The muzzle lies nearby neatly done up, with nothing out of place and Lilja is funnily enough always around. I am not pointing the hoof, but I have my suspicions.  That’s all I am saying.

The wretched muzzle, for all its going on and coming off, is making a difference and so we need to persevere. I explain it to Brá each time I put it on.  I tell her that this is the answer. I don’t think she believes me somehow.

I would be interested to know what folk do to their horses to keep the grazing muzzle on.  I wondered about plaiting the mane over the top to keep it in place over Brá’s ears.  I think that is how she gets it off.  Rubs it off over the top of her ears.  Bad girl.

We have removed all the random fence posts in the field. I am sure they helped with the removal.

I thought about constructing a small paddock in the field with electric fencing but I could not sleep at night knowing we had a foal near electric fencing.  I would worry and Moonpie loves getting into trouble.  She is a foal of very little brain.

Ho hum. I have ordered a comfort grazing version of the muzzle that is softer with a faux sheepskin nose lining, in the hope that will be more comfortable to Brá and she will learn to live with it.  I will win……. somehow.

8 thoughts on “Muzzle on, Muzzle off

  1. Sam

    Anyone who thinks horses are dumb should read this post. Had a good chuckle at how these girls go about removing the muzzle without destroying it. And how they must giggle when you come to find it on the ground. As for Moonpie, she be but a Bebe of beauty and brains can come later.

  2. Susan

    One of my minions is a Houdini. I use a nose buckle breakaway halter along with the muzzle halter, then a plastic tie attaching the two at the pole.

  3. Lucy Macarthur

    Poor you Frances! A friend who had to use one on her laminitic prone th x connemara had one made from webbing material but the one you have ordered sounds even softer. Cocoa never got hers off as far as I know – it went on tight but not too tight.

  4. Lisa

    Hi Frances! I have used grazing muzzles on my horses for years. You name the brand, it is likely I have tried it. The best that I have found are by the “Best Friend Grazing Muzzles” company. They make 2 styles-one comes with the halter/straps attached, and the other is just the muzzle which is then attached to a breakaway halter. My Snuffy is expert level at getting the muzzle with the straps off. After I put him on the grass, I’d turn around whilst walking away and he’d be on the ground rolling to rub it off of his head. I’d put it back on and sure enough, look out later and it was off again. I got tired of his antics and bought the muzzle that is attached to a halter (his is leather) and he CANNOT rub it off. Believe me, he has tried! So much less stressful all the way around. This is a link to Amazon to show what they look like

  5. Emily Swan

    I have heard of people running the strap of the halter through a cribbing strap to keep tlit from being pulled over. Tying them together with baling twine might work too.

  6. Jo

    We have a horse that rubs his face mask off in seconds by rolling. Plaiting the mane over the strap I think may work.


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