Running Around

I am running around like a blue-arsed fly today.  The morning was spent waiting to meet potential Minion visitors and the afternoon preparing a meal for some friends who are coming for supper.

It was lovely to see the Minions and to introduce them to new fans.  They all behaved impeccably – both visitors and Minions

Silver was very keen to meet and greet.  He put on his best Winning Smile and made new friends.

At the end of the visit, I usually ask “if you could, which Minion would you take home with you in your suitcase?”

Many choose Newt though Silver and Albie were definitely considered today. You never can tell.

It is a different pony each time who wants to chat.

Meanwhile, chez nous, ‘Bert is still very upset about his horn situation. If he would come nearer, I could grab it but he will have none of it.  He knows this and I know it too.

Lambie has finally got over himself which is lucky because I am fed up of talking him down.  Some might say indulging.  Anyway, I have had enough and was quite business like about telling him to stay in his field like a “normal sheep”.  He has no idea what that is.

So, that’s me.  Vaguely cleaning, preparing, cooking and getting ready.  The kitchen is too hot, everything is now ready an hour early and drying up nicely to probably be inedible!  Ho hum. I bought some nice wine and as the checkout lady in Tesco said “it will cover up the food if it is revolting!”

3 thoughts on “Running Around

  1. Sam

    Poor Bert and his horn. Good luck with getting Lambie to be a Real Sheep Boy, not going to happen. As for which Minion I’d take home – toss up between Albie and Newt The Mighty.

  2. Kerry

    Re Supper – I always find plenty of wine (Pimms, gin or whatever) helps if the dinner one serves turns out to be not quite the cordon bleu that was aimed for

    Re The Minions – they are always impeccable: I’m sure visitors are a little more rackety…talking of which, looking forward to some Minion love later this month

    Have a fun evening whichever way you dress the dinner


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