Mum’s Horses


As I write, Daisy is crouching next to the piano, holding her laptop just above the floor as Mum ‘FaceTime’s BeAnne…

I say nothing.

Anyway, today I decided to try and follow Mum’s example, and took my phone out to the field to speak to ‘the boys’.


I should say that I had tried to find Mum’s camera, but I think she’s taken it with her. The only one left here is big and expensive and I don’t dare touch it. So for now, we’re stuck with my phone, which pales in comparison. (Actually, he’s going so fast that his legs are a blur, as well as everything else!).


Back in the field, I was immediately accosted by Hammy, who appeared fascinated by my headphones.


He was soon joined by Klaengur, who I’ve never really spoken to before.


He was lovely, and clearly operated under the same concept of personal space as Hammy. Is it the coat that attracts gingers or what?

Meanwhile, see if you can spot Taktur.


Klaengur and Hammy had a little disagreement and the latter wandered off to sulk.


This is an attempt to imitate Mum’s ‘interesting horse hair pictures’ as I’ve dubbed them:


After stopping to talk to Taktur for a moment, I let him get back to his business. Demanding stuff, after all…


Of course, one does not simply forget to say hello to Porky Pignut. I endeavoured to get his best side.


Thank you for reading, and just one more post until Mum’s back!


6 thoughts on “Mum’s Horses

  1. Mandy Fairless

    Hi Frances! Good to see you’ve left your blog in great hands. Get well soon!

    Great interim blogging Flossie!

  2. Sam

    Good job, ladies on the posts. Loved the tour of “Harry Potter” world. But I am at a loss which made me laugh more – Porky Pignut or The Artistic Horse Hair Styles. Best wishes for a speedy return, Frances!


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