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Hello again! Hopefully this is the last time you have to deal with me before Mum takes over again. I have to say that this is harder than I thought, but that’s probably because I don’t really do anything besides read, ragwort and reblog when I’m at home.

So nothing really happened today, I have to be honest. Well, aside from the fact that we’re being eaten alive.


I know this looks normal, but just take a moment to picture the veritable swarm of tiny little bundles of hatred. Every where I went outside, there was a cloud of black swirling around my head.

Nevertheless, Richard braved the hordes of Mordor to take the dogs out for their walk. Nothing puts him off. They go out, whatever the weather.


Because there really is nothing else to say about today, I thought I’d treat you all to some more of my holiday pictures. Isn’t that exciting?

The first restaurant we found in Paris served snails! Naturally we had to go in and try them.


The inside of my favourite place in Paris, the Opera Garnier:


If you’re ever in Paris, I would seriously recommend going here, even just to look around. Or to hum the Phantom of the Opera songs under your breath, as I did.


Moving slightly outside Paris, tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?


To clarify, we spent a day at Parc Asterix, which was…in a word…brilliant!


This is just part of the Goudurix, a rollercoaster with 7 loop-the-loops (or inversions as wikipedia calls them) in a row. It’s fun, but painful. Your head is ripped backwards and held there with an iron fist, while your brain scrambles around trying to bash its way out. Walking out of the Goudurix are a windswept crowd rubbing their heads and massaging their jaws. But still, I would go again!  (If you like something a little more comfortable, go with the Oziris, which is one of those ones where you sit on a chair and your legs dangle out. You might fear losing your shoes, but it’s still a great one to go on. The Tonnerre de Zeus is jerky and painful, but the Goudurix is slightly better.

There’s also a dolphin show at Parc Asterix, for those who prefer to live without headaches and sore throats.


Skipping ahead to Rome I had loads of sites on my wishlist, and with only two days (and 35 degrees weather), I think we did quite well.





Once again, thank you for reading and for all your feedback. I certainly couldn’t do this everyday like Mum, but I did have fun while I wrote these.

Live long and prosper.


5 thoughts on “Ramble On

  1. Martine

    Yes well done Floss, you clarified one thing for me and muddied another…
    I always thought midges & sweet itch were connected, so I assumed Shetland had no midges when Frances remarked ages ago that the Sweet Itch Icelandic would be fine there.

    Now I know that Shetland has midges but no sweet itch?

  2. John Davies

    I assume that midges are the same as the no-see-ems that we have in Kansas upon occasion. I generally just go inside when there around because I have the choice and I’d rather not coat my skin with chemicals to scare them away. Most of the one’s we see our non-biting midges anyway! Don’t know how they got that way, very small dentists? Enjoyed the pictures but was slightly confused when I thought you’d taken some horses to Paris with you!


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