Moved Up a Gear

Efstur had his hooves trimmed last week and then a few days’ off from his training (I hate the word “breaking”).

He is always first up, offering to do something and today was his lucky day.

Safely off the lead-rein now, with me in the centre of the school just there to keep an eye.  I like to be there. I just do.  So I am. It’s a Muzzah thing.

The bitless bridle, slightly modified (a browband upside down and some little fulmer loops Daisy stole off a full cheek bit) to keep it out of his eyes (hate that), is working well.  Efstur is very settled with it.

They now walk on their own around the track in our indoor school.

And even do a tölty-trotty (who knows) thing down the long sides.

And obviously on the other rein too. At the moment, it is not about the gaits, it is all about steering, good working brakes and listening.

Efstur goes very nicely.  He is learning.

And I love his little face when he gets told what a good boy he is.  Like “I know but thank you, anyway”.

Meanwhile, Her Maj was booted out as she spends her time determinedly working out how to be under as many horse-legs as possible. My nerves can’t stand it and, as it was a nice day, I made her wait outside.  She is possibly doitin’ (Shetland dialect for mentally confused and used often in this house!)

Wee-lamb-photo-of-the-day (prepare to turn green) – she actually came up and chatted while Edna was eating.  Oh. My. Heart.

3 thoughts on “Moved Up a Gear

      1. Frances Post author

        You know Daisy. She’s good! Me myself I would’ve used elastic bands or gaffer tape and hoped Philip wouldn’t notice!


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