Our Reward for Hard Work

The family broke their collective backs this afternoon clearing up miles of plastic black bale wrap out of on of the fields.  It nearly killed us as there was just so much of it – accumulating over the years (not by us, I hasten to add) and was half buried but we did it.  A horrid task.  They were all super heroes for helping me.

My Painpod is now on full volume and I am swallowing extra TurmOil (turmeric capsules) as I type.  “I ache therefore I am” to misquote René Descartes.

Anywho, if I could, I would nominate my entire family as super heroes for this heroic effort.

As our reward, we allowed ourselves the rest of the afternoon with Little-Herself, aka Lambelina, Arietty, Little-One, Willa, Wee-Lamb, Precious……… (help! we need a name)….. Blossom, Petal, Boing!

She is very much the independent little lady now, happily leaving Mum to run up to anyone she can see.

Her whiskers are pure enchantment.

And the whispy wool on her neck is perfection.

This was her idea of heaven.

Of course we are all her slaves and put on this earth for one job only – to stroke her.

Meanwhile, the “Ugly Sisters” came to have a look to see what all the fuss was about!

We spend lots of time with them all.  No one is left out.

But that little face is to just die for.

I think she already knows this!

Anyway, back to complaining about my poor back.  Please do go and nominate your super-hero on The Golden Paste Company Facebook Page – always worth a punt in my book.

10 thoughts on “Our Reward for Hard Work

  1. Linda Kirk

    Some people have no shame, flaunting pictures of an adorable fluffy lamb in front of those who don’t have one. It’s just cruel, but keep them coming anyway because I’m smitten. Oh, and I like Precious or Blossom or Willa.

    I hope your back feels better soon. xx

  2. Kerry

    Lucinda Lambton or Petronella
    I have to say I agree with Linda’s comments : its so hard not to break all the rules, say to hell with it, jump in the car and come on over for some pure lamb loveliness

  3. Vivienne

    Tovi…meaning beloved, fair, beautiful…my niece, Dubai site cat rescuer extordinaire, calls the little cat she kept Tovi.
    She is a very fine example of shetland sheepiness…the lamb that is…


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