Moved my herd

I have two herds here.  Taktur and Kappi in one field….


And Iacs, Klængur and Haakon in another.


Snow is forecast and I hate thinking they have nothing to dig for so I made the executive decision to put them all together.  Haakon and Kappi did not see eye to eye last year but this year it is different.

BN2A5102 BN2A5105

Everyone seemed very pleased to see each other.  There was one squeal, lots of sniffing and they all got on with it.

BN2A5071 BN2A5075

Just introductions, really.  I like it when life goes smoothly.

BN2A5092 BN2A5094

As Haakon was a serving stallion in his youth (he has a daughter), he took a huge interest in Taktur’s carefully placed poo piles.


Haakon loves poo piles and has summer ones which he cultivates on treks over many months.


Klængur is feeling much better too but I will go on giving him a daily Danilon sandwich.  The secret is to feed him with the others standing by offering to help.  He gulps it down as quickly as he can.  Iacs is always standing by offering to help.


Taktur was obviously very pleased to see his friend, Haakon.  They played together for a while.

BN2A5123 BN2A5126

Then they stood together gazing into the middle distance listening to Bjørn’s ponies who live about 1/4 mile away.

BN2A5134  BN2A5142

(Haakon looks pregnant!)


Later in the afternoon, when I returned home from Lerwick (where I had the most fabulous back/neck massage, NHS physio and then a trip round the Co-Op which now resembles a communist supermarket), it was nearly dark.  As I drove in, armed with my headtorch, I clambered over the fence to open the gate into a better field with more grass.  They all went in happily and it started to snow.

Ugh!  At least they all have grass now.  I can sleep knowing this.


3 thoughts on “Moved my herd

    1. Frances Post author

      Only when it snows and there is no more grass for them to dig for. Obviously if someone is thin, they are rugged and fed but mostly no. We usually feed silage, not hay. We make our own.


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