OH lugged the battery and fitted it into the horsevan. I reversed it round to the stables.

And we decided to move the little chaps (Tiddles, Storm and Newt) this afternoon as it was a grotty morning – far too windy and rainy.

Everyone was ready to go – Storm had packed his red spotty hanky and everyfink!

Packed like sardines (furry ones!), they all travelled well.

We had to walk through a green field to get them to their friends.  Floss led Storm and Albie, while I led Tiddles as he has form for losing his headcollar and dragging his owner off!  I told Floss to drop Albie if she had to – he is the only one who can be easily caught of the three.  She didn’t have to and we led them down while the rest of the herd, except for Vitamin who will NOT walk through a bog, came down to greet them.  No one ate one blade of the green grass on the way. That was forbidden.

You can see Vitamin slowly making her way around the large bog she will never walk through.

They all galloped about in pure happiness.  There were a few moments when Floss and I wondered if they would ever stop as they rushed towards us, but luckily everyone went around.

I love how Vitamin arrived for a carrot and Fivla could not make up her mind which direction she should be facing. Whichever it was, she was wrong!

There was lots of huffing and puffing but so much smiling too. I am glad they are all together again.

4 thoughts on “Moved

  1. Sam

    Such galumping all around! Madam Vitamin should never be asked to walk thru an icky bog – ladies don’t do that! Nice to see all the Minions romping thru the field.

  2. Robin Innes

    And to think that – not all that long ago – they were cast offs and not remotely healthy and happy. SO DIFFERENT NOW WITH YOU, FRANCES AND FAMILY!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Such fun watching them all running here and there and almost into you! Glad they’re all together for sure!


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