More Rugs On

Winter is well and truly here.


Wind and rain and it is about 5 degrees Celsius out there.  My bones ache on days like these.  Oh, how they ache.

In Shetland, the rain does not fall vertically.  In fact, many years ago, when I took my daughters south, they saw snow fall downwards for the first time.  They always thought it fell horizontally because that is how it is here. 

So, this morning Delia had her rainsheet put on.


A tad snug but it covers the bits that matter and it will keep the rain off her back, but perhaps not her tummy!


Little Albie is now sporting an extension – his neck cover, though it does blow backwards so I am not sure how much good it will actually do.


Albie needs his rug.  He is small and does not have the best coat.

I am trying very hard not to be “she-who-rugs-everyone” and whoever is rugged has to actually need a rug for their health rather than for my convenience.  Dirt is healthy and keeps you warm.


Fivla does not need a rug.


Tiddles does not need a rug (and neither does Storm).


Klængur does not need a rug.

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In fact nobody else needs a rug despite what some might think or tell me.


Those that work get a handful of feed balancer and those that need it get turmeric (Delia for her old age, Fivla for her shoulders and Tiddles because he fell in the sinkhole).


The Sons and Mothers camp are fine, too. Hetja has taught Hjalti how to eat the garden – mode d’emploi is to stretch massively over the fence.


So, I went to town and bought 20 bales of hay, because you just never know.  Someone might be thin one day!

5 thoughts on “More Rugs On

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Albie looks so sweet in his little rug! Almost makes me wish my little Alfie needed one as I’m sure he’d look cute, too.

  2. Sam

    Nice to see only two needs rugs right now. Evener nicer to know you notice and take action when needed and ignore those who only want the goodies.


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