An Afternoon With The Boys

An afternoon spent with gorgeous Shetland pony stallions.  Always a chore, never a pleasure – NOT!


And there was the occasional rain – BORING.


The Bergli stallions are darling boys and much loved.


These guys all live together and get on fine, though all bets are off when the silage bales arrive.  Then superiority is the name of the day.  Hence why we were moving two of them.


In some folks’ lives, stallions have a bad reputation.


All they really want is to be understood.


As well as having an endless supply of nose kisseys. I am always happy to oblige.  Tis my purpose in life, I think.  I trust stallions far more than mares.  Less arsey.


This chap has the best hair-do ever.

This is Waffle’s father – Wulfert.  I struggle to see any family resemblance at all!  Ok, they are both black.


So we moved two of the stallions to their new winter field in Burra and, while Bjørn played electric fences, I took photos of everyone getting to know each other.

They screamed at each other like girls in a disco dancing round their handbags.


It was wonderful to watch.  The boys never stopped talking to each other.


This, for me, sumsup Shetland ponies living in their true environment – Shetland.


Funny little boys.


Wulfert decided to take on minature stallion, Tac Tic.


For Shetland ponies, stature is irrelevant.


And this is my favouritst (real word?) of them all – little Timeon who would make the best Minion but actually doesnt’ need rescuing.

Timeon is always the first up to tell me what great friends we are.  I spent the afternoon telling him he was the best and I loved him very much.



7 thoughts on “An Afternoon With The Boys

    1. Frances Post author

      No, they are stallions.

      This is what proper Shetland ponies in Shetland look like getting ready for the harsh Shetland winter. Lots of hair, lots of body fat and muscle. They will all live outside no matter the weather.


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