Monday, Monday (la, la, la….)

Say nothing.  It was raining and Lambert was AWOL.


It was not my fault.  Lambie was very upset and Flossie made me do this.


In return, she did very kindly offer to Lambie-sit and together they watched Real Housewives of Somewhere while I did some photography work.


This is Lambie’s happy face after Lambert decided to saunter home many hours later.  They have been outside ever since and yes, I have fessed up to OH that Lambie did come in the house before he read it first on the blog.

(what sort of time do you call this?  You treat this place like a hotel!  Yer, Lambidges!).


So, after that excitement, I gave Flossie a riding lesson on Haakon.  I wanted her to get used to him and to prepare her for her proper riding lesson on Wednesday.


Haakon is very different from Iacs – much faster and much more responsive.


Anywho, Floss did very well and learned about the difference between piggy pace (contents may settle in transit) ……


and tölt (everything remains in place).


I was thrilled with both of them.  Flossie is coming along brilliantly and learning quickly.  She is keen to practice and to do her best.  She has the makings of a good rider.


(The Olympic Games Selection Committee was down to one and a tad sulky today!)


Probably because both her mounts are busy!


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday (la, la, la….)

  1. Sam

    Flossie was right to comfort Lambie whilst Lambert took a mini-vacation. After all they are LambDogs and dogs are allowed in the house… Lovely to see Flossie’s riding lessons.

      1. Sam

        OH is just grumpy it wasn’t his idea. O r at least that was my mom always said about my step-dad every time she brought home another cat…


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