My Beautiful Girls

Sometimes I feel the need to brush an animal to make them look nice.  Rare, I know, as I am not very good at grooming and cleaning, my mantra being a greasy dirty coat is a happy working coat.

This time it was the turn of my three last remaining Shetland pony mares from my Shetland pony stud.

Lyra let me catch her, despite not being Daisy, and I have gave her mane and tail a good detangling.


She looked lovely afterwards and I think appreciated being pampered.


They are all beginning to grow their winter coat now and are going into winter looking healthy.

This is Vitamin – Lyra’s beloved mother.  I think the phrase I am looking for is “a leg at each corner”.  Vitamin has always been the solid type.  She is also an old lady, one of the faces of the Shetland-pony-in-a Fair-Isle-sweater Visit Scotland campaign so entitled to have a bit of a belly.


I adore Vitamin and, after I had finished brushing Lyra, I went up to her and she whickered to me to say hello.  I love it when someone (equine, caprine, canine or feline – humans are meh!) is pleased to see me.


Sadly the girls cannot be nearer to me as Taktur, my Icelandic stallion, would spend all his days standing gazing at them and forgetting to eat.  So they have to live over in Sandness.


Lastly, in this field, is Raw Deal, who is getting on in years and found last winter very difficult.

**** sigh **** I will know what I have to do when it is time (yes, I am putting it off – I know that) but she appreciated her brush and relaxed with a blissful look in her eyes while I brushed and brushed her tail.  If she could’ve, she would’ve stood there forever with me brushing.  It was a special moment between us and I will remember it afterwards.


7 thoughts on “My Beautiful Girls

  1. Rhyanna

    I have a soft spot for Vitamin and Lyra – one broke my heart then the other mended it. It gladdens me to know you have them and they have you. 🙂

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, we still have Fivla. She is busy living with a family of little girls and is hugged and ridden regularly!

  2. Sam

    How lovely to see Raw Deal getting pampered and enjoying it. We all know that she will let you know when the time is right. Just don’t listen too hard? She is a lovely girl.


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