Talking to Esja

We went over to Sandness today.

I took my helpers and, while they milled out of the way of the horses and ponies, I did some grooming.


Armed with my Beauty Box (half price because it had the corner chipped), I brought brushes and de-tangling spray with me.

The girls were intrigued, …..


inquisitive and  …..


determined to see if it was edible!


I haven’t done any work with Esja yet and she will begin her ridden training very soon.  Today, I wanted to do some ground work with her – she was easy to catch and we walked around the field together, while I asked her to listen to me and to watch my body language.  She concentrated well despite her friends pointing and laughing.


Esja and I do not really know each other but I could quickly see she wanted to be my friend  but I am going to have to earn her trust and assume nothing.

After we got used to each other’s ways, I tied her up and brushed her mane and tail.  At first, as usual, she was apprehensive but soon realised it was actually quite nice and relaxing.


Esja may not be an easy horse to train.  She minds and she cares hugely but she wants to do the right thing so that is good.

It will be interesting to have a potential project for the winter.


She does have beautiful eyes, though.

8 thoughts on “Talking to Esja

  1. Terri

    Love Esja’s furry-wurry, chocolate-dipped ears, and love the photo with the red bucket! My little dog said she would love to play in that field with Her Majesty (although HM might not agree).

  2. Sam

    While you may think Esja’s eyes are the be end all, the rest of us think it is her delightful ears!
    Are they as soft as they seem to be? Inquiring minds want to know.


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