Minion Break

I had a lovely time with the Minions this afternoon.  I needed it.  I had spent the morning in town.  The weather was glorious and I brought with me a bag of brushes and headcollars.

Waffle loves a tote bag and was first in!

He was closely followed by Fivla and Albie.  The brushes were out.  Sometimes I think I should just bring a bag of toys.

Some friends arrived and informal introductions were made.

Seizing the moment, I quickly gave everyone brushes (total exploitation by me) and Newt happily stood for hours being tidied up.

He adores it and would just walk away if he didn’t.

No one is tied up.  Those who want to be brushed next turned up and waited their turn.

And those that don’t emptied the bag and were playing with a headcollar.  *** sigh *** Tiddles.  I likes to look revolting.  It’s his thing at the moment.

That brush was doomed from the start.  Waffle was determined.

I reckon it should be nearly time for winter again by the time Newt gives up last year’s coat.  We will just have to keep brushing.

Brushing ponies is definitely good for the soul.

A lovely afternoon.  My soul is happy now and Newt looks very smart.  Tiddles remains a mess.

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