A Day of Crafting Part 2

“Part the 2 tomorrow, when Karen demonstrated more carding with a drum carder and English combs (it was a scary instrument of torture to me).” (with a day off for good behaviour!)

After a lovely lunch (homemade soup and bread – delicious), Karen got out her drum carder which looked like a fine instrument of torture.

There was already some wool “she had prepared earlier”.

Karen showed me how to feed the wool into the carder.

It was fascinating.

Karen was making a carded wool batt out of Shetland wool.

It was the English wool combs’ turn next.

Pretty fearsome.  Scary stuff.  You could damage with that.

I was shown how to load the combs with locks. The butt end on the tines with the curly bits forwards.

And then you comb and comb in one direction (passes), turn the comb round and then the other.

You have to pass it through a diz before you take it off the tines (get me with the lingo) and the result is a “combed top”.  Wow.

Anywho, my brain is frying now.  Great to watch, possibly something I am not going to do (just combing through washed bits of Lambie works for me) but good to know and a real education.

3 thoughts on “A Day of Crafting Part 2

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Though it sounds a little scary for someone just starting out, you’ll be fine and eventually won’t notice the instruments of torture. The wool like stunning!


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