While I was looking for photos of Delia yesterday, I came across a folder called “Delia and Gwendolinda”.

Delia had three foals (six in total) with us and my favourite was Gwendolinda – named after a Muppet character, a princess.

Gwendolinda was our princess.

Except that to us she mostly resembled a wildebeest!

I think it was the large ears that pointed upwards and inwards that did it.

Anyway, it was lovely coming across the photos of Delia and her little princess foalio.   Delia was a very good mother and the photos and the memories made me smile during what has been a rather grim time.

(Today it has rained non-stop and there has been barely any daylight either).

Why did we have Delia put to sleep?  Apart from her legs – she became so stiff and could barely walk or keep up with the herd;  her teeth – she was beginning to have difficulty chewing and would spit out lumps of chewed silage.  No, for me, it was when she let Newt have her bucket of food.  I knew then it was time.   No one was ever allowed to get near her bucket.

But I will remember her in the summer with her foals and her dogged determination.  She was always a lady, never complicated and easy to work with.  A delightful Grande Dame.



14 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Apparently the heaven’s cried as well. It is important to remember the good times. Bad times are irrelevant. MMR

  2. Judith Garbutt

    What a sweet little foal! Shetland foals are just so adorable.

    With regard to Delia, it’s good that you recognised “the moment”. I know it’s rather trite but there’s truth in the saying “Better a day too soon than a day too late”. But no less painful for all that. At least you have lots of lovely photographs to enjoy.

  3. Sam

    It is so hard to listen to our animals sometimes. We just do not want to hear what they are asking. Thank you for sharing Delia with us. These photos are a lovely reminder of her grace and beauty. The Maine Coons send loving purrs to all in Shetland.

  4. Terri

    Ohhh, Gwendolinda was truly special — I’m not surprised that Delia was a good mother to her foalios. Yes, photos and memories of sunnier times do help after such a heart-wrenching loss. RIP beautiful Delia. **sniff**

  5. diane in northern wis

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of Delia and her foal with us. She was indeed a wonderful companion for you and your family for many years. You have made the right decision and she is out of pain. Rest in that knowledge. So sorry for your pain.

  6. Linda

    It’s a blessing to be able to gently put an animal out of its misery. It hurts so much to lose them, but knowing they are out of pain and discomfort, and at peace is what’s important. (Speaking from experience).

    Rest In Peace Delia

  7. Jane White

    Happy memories and responsible ownership, enjoy your beautiful sheep, ponies, horses, dogs and cat. Sunny days are coming xxxx


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