Meanwhile, Back at the Batcave

I walked out of the house, armed with my camera and a headcollar to do a million things that needed doing.

My herd were not particularly cooperative.



Dear Brá does her own thing. A very special mare who knows what she wants.  Sometimes she is with everyone, sometimes she takes herself off to be by herself.  I just watch.  Every day I am given a small insight into her mind.  A nice mare and we are good friends.


Anywho, there are the two evil-ones.  They go around pretending they are orphans who no one loves but actually this is very far from the truth.  They play and play and play and play and …… (I could go on).  Do not be deceived.  This is the very Essence of Evil but still the nose-kissey button works, so that is all that matters really.  They keep Hjalti entertained.


I have never seen Haakon fast a-bye-byes like this.  He is relaxed and happy with his little herd and not one usually to be zizzing in the sunshine.  He always takes his responsibilities very seriously because no one else does.  Far too much smirking in the ranks.


(A family photography – why am I singing the Addams Family theme tune – BEWARE that ear worm.  Now you can suffer.)


Mother and son.  They are dear little family unit but not joined at the hip.  Letting Hjalti stay with his mother over winter was a good decision.  He is virtually weaned.  To be honest, I haven’t seen him suck for ages and he spends most of his time giggling with Les Minionos.


And Haakon woke up all bleary eyed and a bit woozy.


When they all fall asleep together, they are happy and trusting.  Brá likes them too.  She will or will not have her foal amongst them – she can make that decision.  I have made up the stable with lots of hay and wood-shavings for her.  When the time comes, I am sure she will decide what is best.

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Batcave

  1. Linda K

    The picture of contentment. I love it. I also like the photo of a snoozing Haakon – every great leader needs some R&R sometimes.

  2. Sam

    Having just costumed “The Addams Family” – the TV theme AND the show theme are competing in my head.
    Love the zizzling picture of Haakon. And (giggle) do you (snort & giggle) mean by (gales of laughter) Evil Ones????


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