Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Do you remember this mare?

Still Going

Roseblossom who had hyperlipaemia last March.

Guess what?


She had a filly foal at 09:00 this morning by Wulfert v.d. groote woerd (Waffle’s dad).


A beautiful and very robust filly foal.


This little lady is to be called Gloria.  Bergli Gloria because that is what Bjørn, the owner of Bergli Stud, shouted when he saw her being born!


Of course, I am thrilled as well.  Roseblossom so very nearly died on us last March.  Bjørn, Daisy, the vets and I worked tirelessly to keep her alive – she also lost her foal during her hyperlipaemia episode.


So Gloria is wanted, gorgeous and wonderful.


I am so pleased for Roseblossom, who still hates me, by the way!


I don’t care.  As long as Roseblossom adores her little girl, that is all that matters.  To be fair, Roseblossom allowed me to get near(ish) but I didn’t force my presence on them.  Now was definitely not the time.


So, welcome to the world Bergli Gloria.  You are truly loved but, most of all, you have made your mother 100% better from her horrendous illness last year.  She grieved for her foal last March which made her healing more difficult as she had no will to live.


This is a good day in our lives.  We did good.


7 thoughts on “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

  1. Vicki

    So good to read this post. I was just wondering about her. Happy news, Gloria looks lovely, well they both do!

  2. Terri

    How could I not remember Roseblossom, and your and others’ desperate (and successful!) efforts to pull her back from the brink? This is WONDERFUL news, I’m so happy for her (and you all). Gloria indeed!

  3. Linda K

    Great news. I love that second photo. She must be so happy to have a foal to love now. Well done everyone.

  4. Linda

    You and the “team” who worked SO hard to keep her alive deserve a BIG hug all the way around – what a blessing to Roseblossom and now Gloria!

    (what a GREAT “foaling” (if that’s a word) season you’re all having – Babies everywhere! 🙂

  5. Sam

    Congrats to Bjorn and Roseblossom! So nice to know what was a horrible year has become a wonderful one. Welcome Gloria!!!


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