OMG! OMG! OMG! I saw a foal being born!

Mother was eating but she was ready to go.


She rolled a few times


She took herself away from the herd to be by herself.


Her tail was elevated (we had put her in small old drystone walled garden).


We hid and watched through the holes in the wall as this mare is not a people-person.


She lay on her side and the feet started to emerge.


She pushed and pushed.


Despite the pushing, nothing much moved.

BN2A1143 BN2A1145 BN2A1147

She knew she needed help so Bjørn, her owner, went in.


The mare worked with Bjørn and together she had contractions, while he pulled.


Bjørn cleared the bag from the foal’s mouth so it could breathe on it’s own.


A contraction = Bjørn pulling the foal gently out inch by inch.  He needed to be there to help the foal out.  A big foal who would have resulted in the mare being exhausted trying to give birth to it on her own.

BN2A1171 BN2A1173 BN2A1178 BN2A1179 BN2A1184

And there he is.  A little palomino and white colt foal has arrived into this world.

BN2A1186 BN2A1187

Bjørn backs off and leaves mother and son to become acquainted.

BN2A1188 BN2A1190 BN2A1193 BN2A1197

Cleaning up and imprinting.

BN2A1199 BN2A1202 BN2A1205 BN2A1207 BN2A1220 BN2A1227

The little colt’s first attempt at standing.  Nature dictates that he tries to stand almost immediately.

BN2A1235 BN2A1238 BN2A1245 BN2A1247 BN2A1262 BN2A1264 BN2A1265

A few more uterine contractions and “the bag” will be expelled as well.

BN2A1266 BN2A1267

I returned 3 hours later and the bag was on the ground, the colt foal was standing and mother was very proud of her foal, ie no one going near him.


I will never forget watching this foal being born.  Totally magical.


You know me, I took lots of photos so I will try and make them into a mini film when I have some time.


Hello, little foal.  You are truly beautiful and I love you already.

16 thoughts on “OMG! OMG! OMG! I saw a foal being born!

  1. Rhonda Lane

    So glad you, and Bjorn were there. Momma may not be a “people-horse,” but I’m glad she accepted his help anyway. Whew!

    Congratulations! And thank you for sharing!

  2. Jean

    Wow! Great timing, great photography and a great result, you’ll have a special bond with this one!

  3. Terri

    WOW, lucky you! Thank you for sharing this serendipitous event. Babykins sure cleaned up well — what a sweetie! How wonderful that Mama trusted Bjorn — lucky HER that he was nearby!

  4. Liz Reid

    I love watching the foals being born. So exciting, but also anxious a time.
    Very glad that the mare allowed Bjorn there to assist as sometimes the larger foals can cause problems to both itself and the mare.

    Well done to all.

  5. Mairead

    What magical photos of what must have been an amazing experience for you. Thank you for sharing them 🙂

  6. Linda K

    Thank you very much for sharing this. How magical that must have been and he’s a little beauty.

  7. Darby

    what amazing photos and so happy it turned out well for all! such a beautiful little one, thanks so much for sharing Frances!!

  8. Linda

    Oh thank you for sharing this Frances, I have tears in my eyes…
    Mom looked so serene after her little boy arrived, and those last two photos are just magical…

    thank you again

  9. Sam

    Amazing! Thanks for all the pictures! Glad to know Bjorn was able to help and now he has a lovely colt!

  10. Anne

    Birth is a miracle and what an experience is must have been watching Bjørn-junior coming in
    to the world (he should be allowed to name him after himself 🙂 ).

    Thanks for sharing – shetland foals are something special!

    The Danish fan


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