Making Silly Faces

‘Bert (short for Lambert) and ‘Ster (short for, yes you’ve got it, Lambster) were spending a nice  morning relaxing and chewing their cud. This is always their routine.

Meanwhile Lambie, *** sigh ***dear Lambie, was mooching around nearby having an independant thought – not something we ever encourage.

You can almost feel the peace and quiet and there is the occasional burp.

Meanwhile, Lambie was yawning.  He was bored of all this tranquility.

So, as I was going over to Clothie to check the girls were still there, I let them follow me across the hill to the field.

I love seeing my sheep in the hill except they don’t look anything like hill sheep.

Not even slightly.

They might be *** cough ***, as my postman always says “looking very well”.

Obviousy Her Maj came too and I left her outside the field with the sheep.  Lambie always takes a huge interest in whatever BeAnne finds.  At times, he behaves like a dog.

Lambie would follow BeAnne around if he could.  After all, she is his “uvver-muvver”.

Horses checked, all is well and back home I go, again followed by three sheep.

Lambie did a superb scopey (a show-jumping term) jump over the ditch.

While ‘Ster threw himself across and ‘Bert walked over.

I am not sure why I take my camera really but I do it when everyone comes too.

5 thoughts on “Making Silly Faces

  1. Cathy

    I don’t know why but I hadn’t realised that Lambie had a black tongue. And very fetching dark curls on his bottom. They all look “very well” and very clean!


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