Silly Boys

Under the ever-watchful eye of Vitamin (wearing a rather jaunty stick in her mane today), the Minions are always looking for an opportunity to cause mischief.

They can’t help themselves.  It makes me laugh.

Nothing is safe.  Everything is investigated.

And, unless it is tied down, dismantled.

If a Minion can wear it, he will.

Today Waffle put my bag on Storm’s back.

Making sure it would stay in place.

Eventually Storm had an opinion about this.

But I think it was because Storm wanted to play with the bag himself.  He coveted it “his neighbour’s bag”.

Storm’s Cunning Plan meant that he had a lovely time throwing the bag around preferably back at Waffle.  Possible revenge for putting it on his back in the first place.

That poor bag.  It is suprisingly hard wearing.

After a while, I told the ponies to go away and find something else to do.

And of course there were more shenanigans.

Like little boys everywhere, the Minions can’t actually walk in a straight line without bothering each other (I know it looks like it).

They remind me of the boys in the school corridors pushing and shoving.

And someone always has to get their teeth out.

I am forever shouting “put him down”!

3 thoughts on “Silly Boys

  1. Sam

    Poor Vitamin (stylish stick and all) and Filva living with such silly boys. The Bag Fashion is rather styling, perhaps Paris or Milan should take notice of this new fashion trend.

  2. Denny144

    You should rent out the boys to a company that does wear testing. It would make for some awesome advertising photos. “Strong enough to withstand Shetland pony abuse”!


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