And so to Lerwick this morning to leaflet everywhere before the 2019 Wool Week hoards arrive.  I went into my usual shops and left piles of my very special leaflets offering folk the opportunity to visit the Minions and the Old Ladies.  I sincerely hope someone visits.

The shops have been working hard in preparation for a very busy week ahead.

This is the Wool Brokers.

Outside, the weather was disgusting but dodging the torrential downpours, I went in and out leaving leaflets here and there. This is the Shetland Museum’s outside bit.

And when I went into the Museum, I also collected a box.

A box I know well.  I should say Fivla and Vitamin know well.

And so you might be able to guess what is about to happen….

The girls will be back (weather permitting and if I can also get them squozed into their sweaters – it has been a while).




9 thoughts on “Leafleting

  1. Sam

    It really is fall now. This and the NY Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY in October. I had a good loud chuckle at the box contents. I SOOOO look forward to “The Ladies Who Munch In Sweaters” reappearing.

  2. Linda Kirk

    Perhaps the girls will need to don some shapewear before they try on their sweaters again.

    Hope you have LOTS of sales and LOTS of visitors.

  3. Carol

    Oh! Oh! The ladies are going to be at Hays Dock?? How lovely!

    I am SO vexed that I am not able to be there this year. Humph! I want to see the ladies in their sweaters! I will try to console myself with my Vitamin puzzle and my foal-fuzz pony.

    I’m sure you’ve leaflet-ed the heck out of retail Lerwick. I have some thoughts of other venues where the knitters might see them:

    • Put up a bigger poster on the message board at the “ Hub” downstairs at the museum, and maybe some small notes with your number that they can take with them

    • Leave some at the Shetland Textile Museum at the Böd, Gremista

    • The hostel and the Islesburgh community center

    • The Lerwick hotel lounge/pub

    • The Hoswick community center (lots of classes there)


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