Made a Filum

About a month ago, I may have mentioned I was busy working on a film  for Transition Turriefield.


(I knew it, I did, though sometimes I forget – I have the brain of a hen these days)

Anyway, here is the result of all my (and OH’s) hard work – the film is now available to the public as part of Turriefield’s Crowdfunder campaign. Please go to their page (link below) and read all about their hard work and what they want to achieve.

The majority of the film and photos were already created so I put it all together, made the beginning and the end films myself and did a small animation with beans.  OH recorded the soundtrack.  We are pleased with the end result.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the film – please watch it to the end. There is a good outtake which always makes me smile.

As you may know, we tried to grow veg and had limited success.   Three carrots dost not a vegetable garden make. Shetland is not very helpful as a growing climate.   So this is a very important project and one that we fully support.

6 thoughts on “Made a Filum

  1. Margaret Robinson

    I had no idea that Shetland was not a fertile and sunny and easy place on which to grow you own produce. A wonderful job done by all and your film is quite helpful!

    Made a donation to help things along as this is one of the things that needs help and looking after!

  2. Kimberly

    Love it!!! So many bits that made me smile: your house and smiling face, the dancing beans (?), and that outtake. HAHA You’re so talented, and I hope this project gets off the ground and goes forward.

  3. darby callahan

    Well done Frances! Loved the odd cats who wandered in hoping for their big break. Now I want to go eat some vegetables.


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