Working Hard

These days, now I am “a crafter” (splutters), I spend many hours in my little shed creating my felted creations. I have orders and I like them finished and in the post as quickly as possible.  While I work, I look out on the best view, though perhaps not the best weather today.

The neighbours are ok, a bit nosey but we rub along.  However, I wish they would stop trying to butt the door down.

Lambie is still unsure about coming in (roll on summer then) but his Winning Smile always melts my heart.

When the rain stopped and, as I had been in my shed for a few hours, I went for a walk taking anyone who would come too. I needed to stretch my legs and walking is good for my back.

It is always good to have someone to go with even they are woolly and smell faintly of pee (*** cough *** Lambie *** cough ***)

Knowing Haakon is feeling better makes me think we may have turned a corner but I say this with everything, and I mean everything, crossed.

4 thoughts on “Working Hard

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, they are. Sometimes I don’t realise until I look back but at the moment, I can see these are happy days – come visit x

  1. Sam

    Good to see your neighbors are friendly if pushy. Hoping Haakon makes a full recovery and Spring comes to Shetland real soon.


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