Lyra – sit down. Sit down next to me!

The day off for everyone at Thordale so off we went to see Les Girls in Sandness – the fillies and mares.


No day with Les Girls is complete without a huge Zoot-ing (or Moose as she was renamed today).  She was everywhere, determined to barge past or get in the way – she is very good at that particular skill.  I used her as a sofa to rest my bum on.  She didn’t mind.  She is a substantial little girl.


The youngsters (Zoot, Carina, Lyra and Gwendolinda)  were into everything.


We were perpetually loved whether we wanted to be or not.


Lyra still loves her Daisy and takes huge liberties with her.  She would never do this to anyone else.  Very sweet.  It was lovely watching them together.  I wish Daisy would take her away to St Snotworts University.  It would be something different at any rate.

BN2A1707 BN2A1708 BN2A1710 BN2A1711 BN2A1713  BN2A1712 BN2A1709

This is an easy herd of mares/fillies.  You just go in, pick who you want to work with and then talk to them.  A great place for sitting and being surrounded by beautiful Shetland ponies.


But Lyra will always love her Daisy.  No one else.


3 thoughts on “Lyra – sit down. Sit down next to me!

  1. Rebecca Final

    I love the pics of Daisy and Lyra sitting on the rock together. They are so unique and sweet. There is an obvious connection between them.


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