Eat, Play, Love….

The Minions are enjoying the summer at Thordale (before their knackers come off – shhhh, don’t tell them!)  Their day can be summed up with Eat, Play or Love (with occasional sleeps).


So there is the eating part.  The boys take this very seriously.  It could almost be a full-time job.

BN2A1596BN2A1421 BN2A1311

Then there is the playing.  They love playing and cannot walk anywhere without having fun.

BN2A1356 BN2A1370 BN2A1372 BN2A1388 BN2A1291 BN2A1483 BN2A1616 BN2A1610

And lastly, they love.  They love me, obviously, and they love Daisy who spends much time scratching and hugging them.

BN2A1579 BN2A1575 BN2A1572 BN2A1570 BN2A1559

BeAnne is making friends too.  She is being surprisingly tolerant for her.

BN2A1564  BN2A1581

It is lovely seeing them like this.


So cuddly.


Silver is still a bit shy of us but I make sure we have one-on-one time together and he is learning to trust us. I think all the pulling of the fur has upset him and he has convinced himself that we only want to talk to him to do this.  Poor love.  Soon all the tats will be gone and hopefully he will, as we say in Shetland, “come out”, i.e. come out of himself.


Still, he has his friends and the summer is long.


It can take time to learn to smile again.

6 thoughts on “Eat, Play, Love….

  1. Linda

    Just wonderful, wonderful photos; how I love this blog!
    (P.S. I tend to “pick at” our malamute this time of year, to get the shedding fur, bits of moss, pine needles, etc. out of her fur, and I finally had to cut way back because as you said, she started to think that was the only reason I was petting her.)

  2. Sam

    I was snickering through this post until the last line. That one slayed me as I have a Maine Coon girl who took more than 2 yrs with us “to learn to smile again”. Thank you for this post.


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