Lovely Horses

Yesterday, the sun shone and we had blue sky.  Wonderful.  I took this photo of Haakon just after he had demolished his bucket of green sludge.

Haakon now seems to be back on track and, again, I feel we dodged a bullet (well, he did, literally).

Iacs thinks green sludge is possibly the best food ever. He waits for me, trying to catch my eye in his “restaurant”, so I will bring it to him. These days I am just everyone´s waiter.  That´s what it feels like.

The girls still haven’t gone south. Every Thursday seems to be accompanied by a southerly gale and so the captain cancels taking livestock. I don’t mind. They are enchanting.

Though, taking photos of them is proving very difficult!

They like to follow.

I have to go south again at the end of this month for a few weeks but when I am back, I want to start riding Klængur again.  His hoof has healed and the cut has grown out.  Now he has had lots of time off, hopefully we can get going again.

While I am south, I shall dream of tölting on Klængur.  We used to have such fun.  I miss riding but at the moment I am just too busy – I meet myself coming home – so it will be something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “Lovely Horses

  1. Sam

    Lucky horses, Minions, pups, sheep and Monster to have you as their wait staff. Even if you feel as if you need a clone to get everything done.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Hopefully there’ll be a period of good weather when you start riding and, by the, lighter mornings and evenings which help to make life more bearable.


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