Pepper Meets the Farrier

Farrier Day today so we set off first to Leradale for the Minions and Old Ladies.  All fine there.

We worked on the usual basis of those that needed to be trimmed, were trimmed.  Newt got off free today.  Methinks he should really have cloven feet!

Apparently there’s a farrier in there somewhere!

Then home.  As Stephen, our farrier, was only trimming and not hot-shoeing (one firey flaming forge + Pepper = disaster), I made the decision to let the dogs out to introduce themselves. New people and situations are always a good thing. Ted said hello and went quickly back into the house while Pepper stayed around outside to “help”.

This is Efstur’s “I am a good boy” face.

And he was.

Everyone behaved perfectly especially with a small inquisitive dog around taking the hoof pieces to chew.  I was very pleased with Pepper.

It was all relatively easy today.

And someone is going to sleep well tonight!

5 thoughts on “Pepper Meets the Farrier

  1. Miss Linda Kirk

    Great photo of Newt, he has trouble written all over him that pony. Nice one of Efstur as well, he has a kind and gentle eye, like Vitamin.

  2. Kathleen Woolley

    Dear Francis, I am so happy and relieved for you. Dearest Vitamin what a relief. I remember when she had her last foal, you sat with her all night and you said it was all she had ever wanted, a baby of her own.
    And as for Newt, I just adore him. Yes, he probably should have cloven hooves. Have you noticed in the photo he has his tongue poking out…….


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